Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
MZY-0.36, 0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilize Temperature, Sterilize Time
AISI316L/304 for Option
Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Herbal Medicine Powder,Spices,Food,Cereals
Steam Supply
Built-in Steam Generator or External Steam Source
Mzy-0.36, 0.6,0.8,1.0,1.2,1.5,2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0
Loading Capacity
360L,600L,800L,1000L,1200L, 1500L...4000L
Single/Pass-Through Double Doors
Terms of Paymen
T/T, L/C
Transport Package
Wooden Case
250L, 360L, 600L, 800L, 1000L, 1200L...4000L
HS Code
Production Capacity
500 Sets/Year

Product Description


Essential Details

Name Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Model MZY Series
Application Sterilization and drying of Spices,Herbal Medicine Powder,Healhy food,Cereals,Fish Meal,Dried Vegetables,Tea,Ect
Door type
Hinger Door 
Chamber Volume 360L,600L,800L,1000L,1200L, 1500L...4000L
Design Pressure
-0.1/0.3 MPa
Design Temperature   144ºC
Working Pressure 0.25 MPa
Sterilization Temperature 105-136ºC
1 year 
Supply Ability
Supply Ability: 500 Sets per Year
Packaging & delivery
Lead time:
Quantity(sets) 1 - 1 2 - 5 6 - 10 >10
Lead time (days) 60 65 75 To be negotiated

Working Principle


Traditional disinfection treatment on herbal medicines are cobalt 60, ethylene oxide, alcohol, microwave, ozone and etc. However, it is difficult to ensure drug properties due to chemical residues, or the cost is expensive.
After repeated process verification, AIKSMED found that steam sterilization is the most suitable method for the herbal medicines, and hereby launches MZY series Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer. The structure is horizontal rectangular, internal and external steam heating. It is designed with a unique moisture-proof device, powder agglomeration in traditional steam sterilization can be avoided.

MZY Series Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer employs intense heat of saturated steam to build up pressure within the chamber and so kill bacterial spores by denaturing and coagulate their cell proteins through hydrolysis, then dry the loading with heat from jacket, while vacuuming out the humidity inside chamber.



Sterilizing and drying of herbal materials and powder type, such as Gastrodia elata, Panax notoginseng, Dendrobium, Ginseng, etc.
It is also suitable for spices, healthy foods, cereals, fish meal, dried wild vegetables, tea leaves, etc.

Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer

1.Chamber designed and manufactured in accordance with China standard GB150 pressure Vessels .
2.Control system composed of PLC+ HMI, with data recording, printing and saving functions.
3. Equipped with a standard GMP temperature and pressure validation port.
4. Unique moisture-proof device.

Acceptance after sterilization:
*Mold and miscellaneous bacteria <10cfu/p.
*Powder is loose, not easy to agglomerate (different varieties, different situations).
*Powder no change color.
*Water content of powder < 5%.


Product Parameters

    Model Volume Chamber  Overall Steam Water CA Power N/W
(M3) (W*H*Dmm) (W*H*Dmm) (KG) (KG) (L) (KW) (KG)
Hinged Door MZY-0.36 0.36 600×600×1000 1280×1910×1540 20 350 40 1.5 800
MZY-0.6 0.6 610×910×1200 1280×1910×1540 35 400 80 2.4 1200
MZY-0.8 0.8 610×910×1500 1280×1910×1790 45 500 100 2.4 1400
MZY-1.0 1 610×910×1800 1280×1910×2100 55 520 120 3 1600
MZY-1.2 1.2 680×1180×1500 1460×2000×1800 80 650 180 3 1900
750×1100×1500 1450×1980×1720 80 650 180 3 1900
MZY-1.5 1.5 680×1180×1500 1450×1980×2050 80 660 220 3.8 2000
750×1100×1820 1460×2000×2100 80 660 220 3.8 2000
MZY-2.0 2.0  750×1100×2450 1450×1980×2700 150 680 320 4.5 2500
1000×1200×1700 1780×2100×2020 150 680 320 4.5 2500
MZY-2.5 2.5 1000×1200×1700 3195×1370×1960 160 800 450 5.5 2800
2000×1200×2100 1780×2100×2420 160 800 450 5.5 2800
MZY-3.0 3.0  1000×1200×2500 3700×2100×2800 170 900 550 5.5 3200
1000×1500×2000 1750×2100×2300 170 900 550 5.5 3200
MZY-4.0 4.0  1000×1200×3340 3700×2100×3640 220 200 650 6.5 4000
1000×1500×2700 2000×2100×3030 220 1200 650 6.5 4000
MZY-5.0 5.0  1000×1500×3400 3635×1800×2200 320 1500 800 7.5 4500
MZY-6.0 6.0  1000×1500×4000 2100×2100×4320 380 1600 1000 7.5 5000

Packaging & Shipping

Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer


Company Profile


AIKSMED is a distinguished expert in the field of sterilizer and autoclave manufacturing, boasting a legacy of over 30 years of industry expertise. Our commitment to innovation, continuous research and development, and a customer-centric approach have positioned AIKSMED as a global leader in providing advanced sterilization solutions.

Core Product Lines:
Cassette Autoclaves:
Tailored for dental and ophthalmology clinics.
Compact design, efficient performance, and ease of use.
Ensures the highest standards of instrument sterilization for healthcare professionals.

Laboratory Steam Sterilizers:
Customized solutions for research organizations and laboratories.
Precision sterilization for laboratory equipment and tools.
Adaptable features to meet the unique requirements of scientific applications.

Saturated Steam Sterilizers:
Engineered for the sterilization of garments and tools.
Comprehensive sterilization for textiles and instruments.
Advanced features for optimal performance and user convenience.

Superheated Water Cascade Sterilizers:
Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, specifically for liquid injections.
Utilizes cutting-edge superheated water cascade technology.
Ensures compliance with pharmaceutical standards, guaranteeing product safety and quality.
Evolution and Expansion:
With a foundation built on decades of experience, AIKSMED has expanded its product range beyond sterilizers and autoclaves. Our offerings now encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Washing Machines, Biological Indicator Evaluation Resistometers (BIER/CIER), Automatic Steam Quality Monitors, and Temperature and Pressure Validation Systems. This expansion allows us to provide integrated services for sterilizer machine upgrading and validation.
Research and Development: AIKSMED is at the forefront of technological innovation, leveraging continuous research and development efforts to enhance sterilization solutions. Our R&D initiatives also extend to developing washing and disinfection solutions, demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive infection control.
AIKSMED takes pride in offering sterilizer machine upgrading and validation services. We understand the importance of staying current with evolving standards, and our services ensure that our clients' sterilization equipment meets and exceeds industry requirements.
Passion for Sterilization Innovation: Our motivation is fueled by a deep-seated passion for sterilization innovation. AIKSMED is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology, setting new industry standards, and providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of our diverse clientele.
Welcome to AIKSMED: At AIKSMED, we invite you to explore a world of advanced sterilization and infection control solutions. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a customer-focused approach, makes AIKSMED your trusted partner for all sterilization needs. Discover more and find superior solutions at AIKSMED!

Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer
Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer


After Sales Service

Large Medical Autoclave Herbal Medicine Steam Sterilizer




1.What is FAT and SAT?

FAT means Factory Acceptance Test, before delivering autoclaves, customer can send his technician or 3rd party personel to test machines in AIKSMED facotry, it usually takes 2~3 days. SAT means Site Acceptance Test, AIKSMED will send 1~2 engineers to user's site for equipment commissioning and staff training, ensuring production able to be carried out successfully.

2. Is it possible for our autoclave and sterilizers idle for years to restart?

We have abundant experience to upgrade the sterilizers manufactured by world famous brand, glad we can provide you advice and solutions.

3. Regarding ampoule injection, How to choose between steam sterilizer and superheat water autoclave

Firstly these two kinds of autoclave sterilization machines got their own advantages on heating-up speed and cooling, uniform thermal distribution, and etc. But It mainly depends on the loads packing material and size, if glass ampoule, and size is 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, we recommend steam sterilization with advantage of fast heating-up and less cost on utility consumption. However, if the container size over 10ml, then superheated water cascade sterilizer is more appropriate to reduce the broken rate after sterilizing, with advantage of regular heating-up, but it costs more on utility consumption and budget. Customer needs to consider based on own situations and long term operation.


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