Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

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Basic Info.

Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Stainless Steel
HS Code

Product Description

Company introduction
1.  Our products include the overall facilities of EO sterilization chamber, the preconditioning chamber, degassing chamber and EO waste gas treatment apparatus.
2.  Products meets the requirements of ISO9001:2008 and ENISO134585:2003/AC2009.
3. The only manufacturer of EO sterilization that uses hot air heating system in China, and had applied the "utility model patent certificate".
4.   The leading place of ethylene oxide sterilization in China.
5.   Have a large number of high quality customers: Jiangsu Fresenius Medical Care (Germany), Nanchang Kelinnike Medical Appliance (Germany), Shenzhen DooJung Group (Korea), Nanjing micro-tech, Winner Medical etc.
6.   Products had exported to many countries, such as Spain, South Africa, Ecuador, Laos, Vietnam,  Argentian ,etc.

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Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber
Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

The process of E.O. gas sterilize:

1.Put the goods in the sterilizer (Lock the door, make sure it can't be open by anyone else).
2. Temperature Adjusting: Adjust the temperature to the necessary 50ºC, takes about 1~2 hours.
3. Pre-Vacuum: Vacuum the air in the sterilizer, it takes about 6~30 minutes.
4. Air Pressure Holding Test: Checking the tightness of sterilizer, make sure no gas leaks. 
5. Pre-humidification: pre-humidify the sterilized goods to 55%RH humidity, it takes 1-1.5 hours.
6. Inject EO gas into the chamber: 20- 30 minutes
7. E.O. Sterilizing: make sure every condition is not changed, keep it 4 - 8 hours.
8. Sterilization finishes: clear the residue E.O. gas.  Vacuum degree 60 Kpa. Blow Air inside, repeat at least 3 times. It takes  about 1 hour.
9. Unlock and open the door, pull the cart outside the sterilizer.

Our sterilizer chamber can sterilize two batch of cargos in 24 hours.

The Process of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization:
1. preconditioning stage
2.sterilizing stage
3.degassing stage
4.waste gas treatment
Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

EtO Gas Sterilizer specifications

Technical Info. Specifications
Machine Type Ethylene Oxide sterilizers / Sterilization chambers
Chamber Capacity 1 to 100 m3
Chamber Type Rectangular type, 1 to13 pallets (80x120cm) 
in single or double rows
Doors Type Double doors with pneumatic sliding systems 
(Manual and Automatic control)
Chamber Material Stainless steel construction in chamber 
(grade 304 or 316)
Hot water Circulation Double jacket with 4 circulations systems of hot water 
doors and chamber. Pumps and water tank integrated
Steam Generator Steam generator with tank
Filtration Water treatment by filtration system
ETO Vaporizer Ethylene oxide vaporizer
ETO Circulation ETO circulation system (ATEX circulation pump)
Pneumatic Energie Air compressor
Electic Energie 380 AC, 50Hz or 60HZ
  Software / Controls
Software/controls Software : Automatic and manual control, data storage, graphic
 recorder (temperature, humidity, pressure, time, cycle steps…). 
Safety password administration and operator.
PLC SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER Programmable Logic Controller
Sensors Pressure, temperature, humidity sensors
Computer Computer with printer and desk
  Options (systems)
Sensors EX/ATEX sensors
Nitrogen generator Nitrogen generator
Maintenance Service Extra Services after sales  
Software Software qualified FDA 21CFR part 11

Our Software and Data Processing Reports
Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber
Details of Ethylene Oxide Gas (eto) Sterilization

Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

Container Loading of Ethylene Oxide Gas (eto) Sterilization

For big sterilizer chamber:

Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber
Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

For small sterilizer chamber: keep in the containers
Medical Equipment Eto Gas Sterilizer Chamber

Pre-Sales Service
Drafting technical agreements
Drafting technical ways

Manufacturing equipment

After-Sales Service
Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine. 
 Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
Maintenance / repair and parts supply.

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