Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM Package

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Grade Standard
Food Grade
Molecular Formula
Sodium Metabisulphite
National Standard
Transport Package
2.5kg Bottles + 20kg Carton
HS Code
Production Capacity
800000ton/Year, 80000 Ton / Year

Product Description

Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade
CAS RN.: 7681-57-4
EINECS: 231-673-0
H.S.CODE: 2832.1000.00

1.Chemical Analysis
Component Range Typical
Assay(Na2S2O5 ) 97.0% min. 97.5%
Iron content(base on Fe) 0.005% max. 0.002%
water insoluble matter 0.05% max. 0.02%
Arsenic content(base on As) 1 ppm max. 1ppm
Pb 10 ppm max. 5ppm
Appearance White or yellowish crystalline powder

Industrial Uses

Water Treatment
Eliminating dissolved oxygen in waste water and in pipes;Cleaning water pipes and reverse osmosis membranes in desalinization equipment as it is an antibacterial.It is used in water treatment plants to remove excess chlorine.
Bleaching Agent It functions as a bleaching agent, which is useful in making paper pulp, cotton and wool.
Food Preservative
Antimicrobial It is commonly used as a food preservative for dried foods, as well as fruit concentrate juices.
It acts as an antimicrobial, inhibiting the growth of fungi and bacteria, thereby keeping food fresh and safe.
In beer and wine manufacturing, it is used as both a sterilizer and an antioxidant in the process of brewing beer or fermenting wine.
Other Uses  
Medicinal It is an antioxidant additive in inject able medicines and is also used as a reducing agent in pharmaceuticals.
Photographic and film industry For preparing developer solutions, for acidifying fixing baths(photo grade).
Landscape Gardening It used in landscape gardening as a tree stump remover, as it disintegrates the lignin -- chemicals in plant cell walls -- in the tree stumps, making them easier to remove.
Fiber Industry In the sulphitisation of tanning extract.
Gold mining For bleaching ground wood, as an antichlor.

3. Transportation Information:
DOT Classification: Non-dangerous goods
U.N. N/A
Packing Group: N/A

4. Storage & Transportation
Not allowed in room with any oxidant or strong acid, and keep away from an oxidation by air or humidity.
This product should NOT store for long time. DO NOT mix with inflammable substances, gasoline and      oxidants.
During transportation, keep away from direct sunlight and humidity.

5. Packing In 2.5kg/bottle, 8 bottles/ cartonPacking with pallets
Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM Package Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM Package Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM Package
Company Profile

Choice Chemicals Ltd. is a specialty chemicals company in the business of producing and marketing Sulfates, Nitrates, Additives and Pesticide with more than 20 years OEM production experience in China. We help improve quality of life for the world's population by supplying superior quality & environment friendly chemicals to satisfy the global demand for agriculture and industry. ChoiceChem's mission is to be the supplier of choice to its customers, to produce meaningful benefits for consumers, our market partner and our employees, create brighter lives for people today and generations to come.

We mainly supply "ChoiceChem" brand Sodium metabisulphite, with an annual production capacity of 250,000 tons; as well as sodium bisulfite, sodium sulphite, sodium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate, with production capacities of 40,000 tons each per year. In addition, the range of products is always expending according to customers' needs. 

ChoiceChem's large-scale production bring cost advantage, our price is lower 2% compared with market price usually, it also can make sure most common package cargo can be delivered within 14 days. All ChoiceChem products were ISO/SGS approved, with 0 quality complain in past 3 years; and each sales has worked in ChoiceChem for more than 5 years on average in our multilingual customer service team.Sodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM PackageSodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM PackageSodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM PackageSodium Metabisulfite Food Grade 2.5kg OEM Package


1.How do you control your quality?

(1). ChoiceChem only use high purity raw material

A. Using 99.8% pure imported S. The high purity S allows the generation of very high purity SO2 which is further used to making high purity sodium sulphite than usually obtained. 
ChoiceChem sodium sulphite's purity is commonly measured above 98%, which is substantially higher than Chinese national standard of 96%.

B.Using high purity soda ash, the soda ash which ChoiceChem use has an alkali content of more than 99.2%, and NaCl content of less than 0.97%. 
Our high purity soda ash help us produce higher purity sodium sulphite, and can avoid impurities (like Cl and Iron), which allows our products to better meet pulp industrial requirements.

(2). Strict Factory Inspection System
 All products are tested every 2 hours, and substandard products are allowed to leave the factory. We also have third-party tests carried out every 3 days, 
to ensure our in-house tests are properly calibrated and accurate. 

(3). Strict package and loading system
ChoiceChem only use high quality package and packing the cargo after cooling totally, to avoid expansion caused by SO2. The cargo be loaded in our factory directly, whole loading process be inspected by supervisor.

2.What is your delivery time?
(1).Our delivery time is updating according to order situation everyday.
(2).Current output is 680MT/day, allowing most cargo orders to be delivered within 7-10 days usually.
If it is China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) inspection cargo,extra one week will be required for applying and accepting CIQ inspection.
If need OEM package, for colorful package, to engrave (for printing) need around 5-7 days, printing bags need around 1-3 days, domestic transportation need around 3-5 days, so extra 2 weeks will be needed;
for black color marks package,  to engrave (for printing) need around 1-2 days, printing bags need around 1-3 days, domestic transportation need around 3-5 days, so extra 7-10 days will be needed;
Would you please inform us your purchase quantity and your expectation for receiving the cargo?
Please contact our sales representative and will check it for you immediately.

3.How you make sure delivery is on time?
(1) Our output is 680MT/day, allowing most cargo orders to be delivered within 7-10 days usually.
(2) ChoiceChem average rate of on time deliveries has remained above 98.9% in the past 3 years.
(3) We further promise that if delivery is not made in time, we will provide compensation at the rate of 0.25% of the contract amount per week.

4.Can you do OEM package? 
Yes, we can do OEM pacakge per your request.
ChoiceChem also offer free package designing service after you decide to working with us, our professional marketing team will help you to build your own brand in your market.

5.What's MOQ for OEM package?
The MOQ is 5000pcs. bags usually, but if only 1000pcs. bags, we also can do it.

6.Do you have stock?
1.We sell good and always got orders in line before production, so we don't have stock, all produce are according to the customer's orders. 
2.Our goods storage time is less than 3 days, to maintain the freshness of the goods.
 3.Our output is 680MT/day, allowing most cargo orders to be delivered within 7-10 days.May I know when you need the cargo?

7.I need do registration before importing, can you support registration?
Could you please tell us your full registration documents requirements? I will check with our registration department for you and try our best to help finish registration soon.

8.Are you factory?
1. We are biggest sodium metabisulphite producer in the south of China for more than 20 years. 
2.Compared with common sodium metbisulphite, our big advange is purity commonly measured above 97.5%, which is substantially higher than the national standard of 96% & whiteness  can be controlled to meet printing,dyeing industrial etc.requirements better.
3.Welcome contact our sales representive for more information about our factory

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