UV Water Dsinfection Sterilizer for Beer Oil Water Canning Food Line

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
304 Stainless Steel
with Controller
Pipe Size
Application Scope
Water Sterilizer
Lamp Life
More Than 9000hours
According to Size
8 Bar
Transport Package
Wooden Case
HS Code
Production Capacity
50 Sets Per Year

Product Description

UV Water Dsinfection Sterilizer for beer oil water canning food line


Ultraviolet light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation, or radiative energy is wavy.

Ultraviolet energy is defined as invisible radiation in the presence of electromagnetic spectrum between visible and X light. In the application of ultraviolet sterilization in water treatment, ultraviolet energy is subdivided into 254 and 185 nm wavelengths.

Because of the outstanding advantages of UV ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization in water treatment (safety, economy, quick connection and non-pollution of water quality), it has been recognized as a reliable and safe disinfection and purification method all over the world.

All over the world, especially in Europe, America and North America, it is listed as the preferred disinfection and sterilization method in water terminal (Pou) and small-scale water supply system, providing high-quality clean water for many industries.

Application field of ultraviolet sterilizer:
Beer industry
Cooling tower
Electronics industry
Pharmaceutical industry
sewage disposal
Domestic drinking water
Bottled Water
Recirculating water recovery
Microelectronics pure water
Water for food and beverage processing
Semiconductor ultra pure water
Swimming pool &SPA water treatment
Water cultivation
Artificial fountain and landscape water
Humidification system
Fish hatching and aquaculture

Advantages of UV sterilization:
1, UV disinfection technology has a high bactericidal efficiency.
The germicidal efficacy of ultraviolet rays bacteria and viruses is usually less than 1-5 seconds. Other chemical methods (chlorine dioxide and ozone) usually take 30 minutes or even longer to achieve the same sterilization effect.
2. High germicidal efficacy
Ultraviolet disinfection is quite extensive. It can kill most pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, Escherichia coli and effectively reduce the total number of colonies in water.
3, there is no two pollution.
Because ultraviolet radiation does not use any chemical, it will not pollute the water and the surrounding environment and produce secondary pollution.
4, low running cost, simple maintenance, simple operation and cost saving.
5. the size of the device is small.
Alcohol can be installed in any place with water and power supply, only need to connect the water inlet and outlet and power supply to operate.

UV Lamp
UV Water Dsinfection Sterilizer for Beer Oil Water Canning Food Line


UV Water Dsinfection Sterilizer for Beer Oil Water Canning Food Line

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No. Production line category Capacity
1 Hot filling production line 3,000-36,000BPH
2 Beverage processing System 1,000 Ltrs/H to 10,000 Ltrs/H
3 Bottled water production line 3,000-36,000BPH
4 5L Large capacity bottled water production line 700-5,000b/h
5 Carbonated drink production line 3,000-18,000b/h
6 Pulp juice production line 5,000-22,000BPH
7 Oil Filling line 3,000-10,000BPH
8 Linear Filling machine 300-900BPH
9 Bottlle Unscrambler Up to 20,000BPH
10 Barrelled water production line 300-2000 bucket/H
11 Water Treatment system 1,000 Ltrs/H to 10,000 Ltrs/H
12 OPP Labeling machine 6,000-24,000BPH
13 PVC Shrink Sleeve Labeling machine 6,000-24,000bph
14 Automatic Blow molding machine 1,000-7,000BPH
15 Full-automatic Film Wrapper & Shrinker 8-30 packs per minute

UV Water Dsinfection Sterilizer for Beer Oil Water Canning Food Line

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