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Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
Sterilization Information Recording and Printing
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                          XQUV4-6 ultraviolet sterilization furnace
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer

A principle of ultraviolet sterilization:
     External disinfection technology is the latest generation of disinfection technology that emerged in the late 1990s internationally. It integrates optics, microbiology, electronics, fluid mechanics, and aerodynamics. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, broad spectrum, low cost, long life, large water volume, and no secondary pollution. It is internationally recognized in the 21st century Mainstream consumer technology. Mainly used to sterilize cooked food and water. Widely used in hospitals, food, Chinese herbal medicine, food and beverage processing and packaging equipment, health products factory, medical products, food factory, cosmetics factory, dairy factory, brewery, beverage factory, bakery and packaging products factory. The working principle of the equipment is: the ultraviolet sterilization band is mainly Between 200 and 300nm, of which 253.7nm wavelength has the strongest sterilization ability. When various bacteria and viruses in water or air pass through the ultraviolet (253.7nm wavelength) irradiation area, ultraviolet rays penetrate the cell membrane and nucleus of microorganisms, destroying the molecular bonds of nucleic acids (DNA or RNA), causing them to lose their replication ability or activity and die To kill all bacteria and viruses without using any chemicals. The germicidal lamp does not need to be converted into visible light, and the wavelength of 100-200nm can play a good bactericidal effect, because the absorption spectrum of light waves by the cells has a regular pattern, and the maximum absorption of ultraviolet light at 100-200nm is absorbed. The ultraviolet rays actually act on the genetic material of the cell, that is, DNA. It plays a role in photochemistry. The energy of ultraviolet photons is absorbed by the base pairs in the DNA, causing the genetic material to mutate, causing the bacteria to die immediately or fail to reproduce. The purpose of sterilization.
Sterilization efficiency UV disinfection technology has unmatched sterilization efficiency of other technologies. The sterilization efficiency can reach 99% -99.9%. The following table lists the sterilization time of ultraviolet technology for several common bacterial viruses, which generally takes less than 1 second. The traditional chlorine, ozone and other chemical disinfection methods generally require 20 minutes to 1 hour to achieve the sterilization effect of ultraviolet C.
Features and scope of use, the ultraviolet sterilizer has the characteristics of uniform water flow, no dead angle, good light irradiation conditions, complete sterilization, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation, etc. The main material is stainless steel, no metal ion infection problems, the product structure is a closed container Quartz tube type, built-in electrical control device. Among them, the key UV lamp management theory has a life span of 10,000 hours, reaching the international advanced level. The product has a beautiful appearance, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, residents' lives, restaurants, hotels, government schools; field forces, food processing, pharmaceutical industry, high-purity water preparation, public places or leisure tourism for direct drinking And beverages or other industries that do not allow residual chlorine in water are allowed.
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer

Advantages of ultraviolet disinfection technology:

The disinfection effect of ultraviolet C disinfection technology on bacteria, viruses and other pathogens has been recognized worldwide, and it has unmatched sterilization efficiency of other technologies. The bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays on bacteria and viruses is generally within one second. For traditional chlorine and ozone methods, it usually takes 20 to 50 minutes to achieve the bactericidal effect of ultraviolet rays. It has high efficiency sterilization and broad spectrum, no secondary pollution, safe and reasonable design, safe and reliable operation. Simple operation and maintenance and low cost. This equipment occupies a small area and is no noise. Continuous mass sterilization. There are many advantages such as wide application fields.
Pay attention to protection:
Ultraviolet rays have a strong lethal effect on bacteria, and also have a certain degree of harm to the human body. The most vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of the eye. When it is necessary to see, use ordinary glass (wear glasses) or transparent plastic sheet as a protective mask. Never use quartz glass by mistake, because ordinary glass is almost completely impervious to ultraviolet light. Once injured, there is no need to panic, facial burns, the epidermis falls off after a few days, and heals without treatment. Eye injuries can cause redness, tearing, and tingling. It takes about three to four days to heal. In any case, if you encounter an injury, it is still recommended to seek medical advice immediately
Maintenance and maintenance of ultraviolet sterilizer:
1 Check regularly to ensure the normal operation of the UV lamp.
2. After 9000 hours of continuous use or one year, the UV lamp should be replaced. When replacing a new lamp, first unplug the lamp power socket and take out the ultraviolet lamp. Be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, because the stain will affect the strength of the light, and at the same time, carefully put the lamp into the cavity of the sterilizer.

Two: the main body size of the equipment:
1. Full length of equipment: 4000mm
2. UV working area: 3000mm
3. Feeding operation area: 500mm
4. Discharge area: 500mm
5. Entrance and exit height: 200mm (adjustable)
6. Entrance and exit width: 600mm
7. The distance between the conveyor belt and the ground: 750 ± 50mm
Three:The main structure of the equipment
  1. The outer body of the working area tunnel: 1.2mm stainless steel plate
2. The inner cavity of the working area tunnel: a set of 1.2mm high-quality stainless steel plates
 3. Body support frame: a set of Fangtong steel
4. Conveyor belt: advanced Teflon mesh belt
5. Conveying roller: clean friction-resistant roller
6. Conveying power: according to production needs, the conveying speed can be adjusted from 0-20 meters / minute.
Four:Equipment and electrical parts
1. Range of inorganic belt speed regulation: 0-5m / min adjustable
2. Transportation motor: 250W
3. Governor: stepless speed regulation
4. Ammeter: a set of 20A,
5. Working voltage: 220V (± 5)-single-phase three-wire system / 50Hz
Five:UV sterilization part:
1. Length of sterilization lamp: 550 ~ 1000 mm, using 24 sets of 150W ultraviolet sterilization lamps. It is evenly distributed in the upper, lower, left and right positions of the furnace cavity, which greatly improves the utilization rate of ultraviolet light by 95% (sterilization time is about 1 minute).
2. There is a light-proof area at the inlet and outlet of the sterilization area, equipped with a hood and an adjustable baffle.
The shell is made of stainless steel, and the whole machine is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
The bottom is equipped with four brake-type movable casters for easy movement.
3. Transmission part: 250W stepless speed regulation motor is used to adjust the speed, equipped with digital display stepless speed regulation and linear speedometer, several digital display, the speed is uniformly adjustable from 0-5 meters / minute.
(1) Adopt advanced Teflon mesh belt mesh belt transmission, with a carriage in the middle. It is equipped with adjustable active and passive rollers at the front and rear, which is conducive to the mesh belt not easy to run and scratch its mesh belt.
(2) Each group of sterilization lamps can be controlled independently, and an adjustment device that can adjust the angle of the UV lamp tube is added. The total length of the lamp tube is 247mm, the wavelength is 254.7mm, and the sterilization rate can reach 95%).
Equipped with an automatic timer, it can monitor the use time of the lamp at any time and facilitate the replacement of the lamp. If the product is slag-removable, a tray can be used to sterilize the conveyor belt.
Six:Protection device
1. Overvoltage and overcurrent protection
2. Failure alarm prompt
3. Equipment overload protection
Specific of bacteria
Type Name  Time required for 100% kill (seconds) Type Name 100% kill
Time required (seconds)
Bacteria Bacillus anthracis 90 Viruses flu virus 70
Tetanus 83 Bacteriophage virus 53
Shigella 62 Rotavirus 86
E.coli 94 Hepatitis B virus 210
Yeast 70 Eco virus 173
Salmonella 98 Algae Blue-green algae 213
Shigella 75 Nematode eggs 101
Mold spores Aspergillus 105 Paramecium 131
Fecal fungus 99 Protozoa 126
Mucor fungi 89
Aspergillus niger 78 Fish disease White spot 205
Viral hemorrhage 179

UV ultraviolet sterilizer configuration list
No Device name specification model component description
  Wire drive and tensioning system:
  1. Conveyor type: continuous tunnel conveyor
  2. Conveyor mesh belt: Teflon mesh belt
  3. Frame: 50X50 stainless steel square tube
  4. Driving power: 250W power
  5. Speed regulation: matching
  6. Mesh belt tensioning device: spiral tensioning type
  1. Each section is equipped with 24 UV lamps
  3. Configuration maintenance: There are maintenance handles in each section, which is convenient for maintenance and prevents products from being stuck inside.

Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer
Widely Use Dish Sterilizer / UV Food Sterilizer Manufacturer

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